2 days kayaking and Elephant Mahout Training + Pak Ou Cave
Description of the Tour:

This adventure will guide you an unforgettable journey around the Nam Ou River. Preferably around 9:00A.M. Then drive up north to our drop in point. Here we start kayak training by an experienced instructor. And learn how to control your kayak. Then discovery the hidden River after that you will experience the stunning Nam Ou River from a kayak moreover the trip including exploration along the way such as the pak Ou 4000 Buddha cave that is famous cave in Louang prabang.

Elephant tour is designed to show you the art of the handing an elephant by the Mahouts. Everyone who wants to know, what is means to take care about an elephant will enjoy seeing and share life with our experienced Mahouts at work. Elephant introduction then learn to ride, control, feed, wash. After that take van go to the Lao Lao whisky village where the local people making whisky Lao Lao from sticky rice in here you can test and see how they make whisky, transfer to the city.

Day 1:
9:00 start from office or your hotel by minivan.
10:00 kayak heading down pass the rapid
12:00 lunch on the sand breach
13:00 kayaking down to pak Ou cave
16:00 Arriva l Overnight stay at elephant camp and spend with them.

After breakfast picking up Elephant from sleeping place back to elephant camp

  • Riding, Training, Bathing
  • 16:00 arrive the city




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Kayaking to Buddha Cave
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