2 days trekking and kayaking with homestay with the hill tribes

Description of the Tour:

This adventure will offer you an unforgettable journey through the remote areas around the Nam Ou River. In the hidden settlements in thick jungles and evergreen peaks on the river banks you will visit villages of Khmu and Hmong; the most prominent ethnic groups in Northern Laos. With the homestay in the village you will have the unique chance to get a glimpse of life in these remote settlements that have been hardly touched by modern civilization. Our guides will take you through the beautiful scenery of Lower Nam Ou River and they will explain you the habits and lifestyle of the minority tribes you will visit. After that you will experience the stunning Nam Ou River from a kayak. This unique adventure combines many ‘musts-to-do’ in Laos. Cultural experience is matched with an adventure challenge on the kayak and trek. The options include 3- or 4-days and white-water kayaking is also possible.

Day 1:

    • After transfer to the hills you trek up to the villages
    • You spend the whole Evening and night in the Khmu village.

Day 2:

    • After breakfast you get to the Nam Ou River where you start kayaking

* Please beware that the tour can be adjusted to your preferences.

What to bring with you on the trip:

  • Camera
  • Sun cream
  • Mosquito repellant
  • Trekking shoes
  • Rain coat or umbrella in rainy season
  • If you want to make an impact Lao books for local children will leave your footprint in these villages forever…

The price includes:

  • All transfers
  • Guides speaking English and local languages
  • Lunch 2x, Dinner, Breakfast, Water
  • Home stay
  • Dry bag
  • Coffee, Milk

Something about us:

Phone Travel has had a long experience with organizing tours and trekking in the North of Laos. Our company is 100% Lao owned and with provision of our services we try to develop our community while preserving our cultural and environmental heritage. Our guides are well trained and they are more than happy to share their knowledge about the nature and people of Laos. Our staff and suppliers are recruited from the poor communities and with our entrepreneurship we contribute to the development in a sustainable way.

Our elephants belong directly to us and they are not only a business asset but they are our family heritage passed from a generation to generation. We ensure that they are kept with highest standards. While using our services you help us to preserve these beautiful creatures.




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