One day kayaking on white water rapids (Nam Ou)

Description of the Tour:

We offering special a massive day of adventure tour start early in the morning with our van heading out to the Ban Hat Mat (Hmong tribe) where we start trekking through the rice fields, vegetable plantation, thick jungle, high Mountains and over green parks from Nam Ou River about 2 hours on trek. Furthermore we start kayaking heading down on Nam Ou River to natural cave as Pak Ou cave, by the way you can enjoy around the most beautiful views of Nam Ou river,  After that traditional Lao lunch will offer you at the cave, you have the chance to explore the famous caves with several thousands of Buddha statues inside. Moreover you can do some activities of elephant riding or bathing or continue kayaking goes on down the great Mekong to the “whisky” village. After setting foot on land you will get a taste of the traditional Lao Lao whiskey made of rice and see how they make whisky, after that transfer to the city about 4 – 5 pm.


  • 8:30we will pick up you from your Hotel or from the office
  • 9:30 Start trekking up the hills
  • 11:30kayaking start on Nam Ou
  • 12:30 Stop for lunch and visit 4000 Buddha cave
  • 14:00 Elephant riding or kayak
  • 15:30 Lao whisky village
  • 17:00 Arrival back to Luang Prabang
Please note that times can change according to your preference and needs




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