nights to the wild North

Description of the Tour:

This tour is truly unique for its remoteness and pristine nature. It takes you to the Phongsaly province with stops along the way in villages of Aka, Eko, Luo and other Lao tribes. The overnight stay in Phounoy village guarantees you a spectacular cultural insight in this remote and forgotten tribe. After breakfast, the next day starts with trekking to the Aka and Eko villages. The whole day of trekking ends up with ‘Lao-style’ camping in a local village. Next morning you set off for a full day of jungle trekking through the hills. You will have to catch your breakfast in the river and cook it with the help of our native guides! You continue back to Phounoy village where your host family organizes a celebration to welcome you. You will have a party with Lao whiskey, traditional dancing and local traditions. This tour will be surely the highlight of your trip in the whole Indochina. We are proud to have first-class knowledge of these lost areas in Laos. You have our guarantee that you will not see any ‘Falangs’ except you in this pristine nature. You will have the chance to see Laos as only few people do…

Name of the Tour: 3 days and 2 nights to the wild North
Booking Code: G - 11
Availability: Every day (min. 2 people)
Difficulty Grade: Challenging
Price: See front page


Day 1:

Transfer from LP to Phongsaly by local bus. Camping in Phounoy village.

Day 2:

Trekking through the Jungle and visiting local villages onthe way

Day 3:

Trekking, fishingand looking for food in the forest. Finishing-upwith local party just foryou! All meals and accommodation is included!





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